6th World Fertilize Congress

The 6th  World Fertilizer Congress at Lisbon, Portugal, in 1968, was organized under the new CIEC President, Eng. agronomist Rafael Montjardino, elected at the 9th General Assembly in 1964 in Zürich for one term of office after Minister Dr. E. Feisst announced his retirement. This Congress was also a great success and the valuable results debated there had remarkable repercussions in the fields of agriculture, industry and the fertilizer market.
As the election of Mr. Montjardino was preferentially oriented at the VIth World Congress in Lisbon, and by reason of his declaration to be at disposition in this function only for one term of office, the General Committee of CIEC had to increase the concern at the next election for the aspect of a permanent practice in this essential function.
At the 11th General Assembly, held in 1969 in Geneva, as consequence of the conclusion of the General Committee previously, Prof. Dr. D. Dj. Jelenic from the University of Belgrade-Zemun was elected President of CIEC and Prof. Dr. E. Welte from the University of Goettingen Vice-President responsible for publishing activities, research programming and conference planning.

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