11th World Fertilizer Congress

CIEC has once more offered a great opportunity to engage itself in overcoming the worldwide problems of hunger and malnutrition and to struggle for multiplying the agricultural scientific findings as efficient means to assure an acceptable social and economic development way over a long term. CIEC has entered in a new phase of preoccupations connected with the development of a sustainable agricultural production through an adequate management of fertilization and the use of diversified fertilizers, as well as the maintenance of soil nutrient equilibrium by the replacement of all nutrients exported with crop yields and lost by non-­‐ productive processes as erosion, leaching, volatilization.
These problems were put in debate under a general theme of the "Fertilization for Sustainable Plant Production and Soil Fertility" of the 11th World Congress, held in September 1997 in Gent, Belgium, organized by CIEC in co-operation with the Faculty of Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences of the University of Gent. The Congress was attended by more than 300 scientists from 67 countries. Prof. Dr. Oswald van Cleemput was the President of the Congress and Prof. Dr. G. Hofman Secretary General, their outstanding scientific and managerial competence ensuring the excellent conditions for this Congress.
Additional to the scientific contributions brought to optimizing fertilization utilization and fertilizer production in the world, the Congress confirmed the election of Prof. Cristian Hera as President of CIEC, Prof. Erwin Welte as Honorary President and five Vice-­‐presidents representing the five regions of the world, proposed by the 19th General Assembly in Vienna. Also, proposal of the New President to settle National CIEC Branches aiming to play a powerful instrumental role in the rational use of fertilizers in the countries they represent, received approval from the Congress. It deserves to be noted another suggestion of the newly elected members, to develop a more active further cooperation with various international organizations such as FAO, the Fertilizer Industry, the International Fertilizer Association and other institutions involved in fertilizer distribution and consumption, for the benefit of increasing soil fertility and crop productivity by the rational use of all nutrients resources, with less or no environmental risks.
In order to play a more active and professional role in fertilizer utilization, to increase to coefficient of utilization of nutrients and avoid environmental pollution, a CIEC Symposium was organized in Pulawy, Poland, in 1998, with the topic “Codes of Good Agricultural Practice and Balanced Fertilization”, highly appreciated by the participants.
In August, 2000, the Romanian CIEC National Branch organized the 12th CIEC Symposium, “Role of Fertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture”, in Suceava, Romania. In the resolution of the Symposium were clearly specified that a sustainable and performing agriculture without rational utilization of all types of nutrients, mineral, organic, biologicaly fixed, can not be achieved.

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