Shenyang 17th World Fertilizer Congress

The 17th CIEC World Fertilizer Congress was held at Shenyang, China, 2018, and organized by Prof. Ewald SCHNUG as CIEC President.
The main and only task of this first Presidium of CIEC-ASIA was to prepare and organize the next WFC which was scheduled for 2018 in Shenyang (PRC). Contemporaneous Ewald Schnug began to ponder how to fulfil the vow he once promised Erwin Welte shortly before he deceased in 2002 which was to take care of a sustainable future of CIEC. As the past of CIEC painfully revealed there is virtually no way to generate a substantial and continuous influx of cash for its operations, the survival of CIEC could only be guaranteed if it keeps itself attached to resourceful research organisations with influential and internationally recognized personalities at the helm. 
CIEC-ASIA under the presidency of Lanzhu Ji had its splendid debut with the very successful 17th World Fertilizer Congress in Shenyang. During this WFC the CIEC Presidium decided to merge the old CIEC with CIEC-ASIA into one CIEC with Lanzhu Ji as President-elect until Ewald Schnug finally retired in 2019.
The first international debut of President-elect Lanzhu Ji was on September 17, 2018 when he delivered a CIEC certificate of excellence to the President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, on the occasion of the opening of the Gazabogaz carbamide manufacturing facility in Balkan velayat in the far west of the country.
During the 26th Symposium and on the occasion of his 65th  birthday together with his retirement from the post as director of the Institute of Crop and Soil Science at JKI in Braunschweig Ewald Schnug finally transferred the presidency of CIEC to Lanzhu Ji. He is now the 6th President of CIEC and Ewald Schnug became its 3rd  Honorary President.
In October 2019, the 27th CIEC Symposium took place in Guilin (PRC). In Guilin CIEC merged officially with CIEC-ASIA (founded in 2016). During this symposium the entire CIEC Presidium was structured anew. CIEC defines itself as a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) and is actually organized as a task force with membership on invitation only.
The Presidium of the CIEC task force consists of the President Lanzhu Ji (PRC), Deputy President Xiaoyu Shi (PRC) + 4 Vice Presidents: Dimitris Bouranis (GRC), Luit de Kok (NLD), Zhengyi Hu (PRC), Margit Olle (EST), the Secretary General, Silvia Haneklaus (DEU), the Deputy Secretary General, Jie Li (PRC), a Liaison Officer for Environment, Liankai Zhang (PRC), a Liaison Officer for Industry, YuanliangShi (PRC) and the Honorary Presidents Cristian Hera (ROU) and Ewald Schnug (DEU).

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