2010 Bucharest (RO) 15th World Fertilizer Congress

 The topic selected for the 15th World Fertilizer Congress, organized in 2010 in Bucharest, Romania, was “Meeting the Fertilizer Demand on a Changing Globe: Biofuels, Climatchange and Contaminants”, with the main objectives to find the rational and efficient way to produce more and better food, fodder, fiber, biofuels, in a environment dominated by global climate changes, as a actual and attractive theme for the scientists from all over the world, working in the area of soil science, agronomy, fertilizer production, marketing, utilization and environmental preservation.

At the closing ceremony of the Bucharest 15th World Fertilizer Congress, Cristian Hera transferred CIEC Presidency to Prof. Ewald SCHNUG, who has been Deputy President of CIEC since 1966 and one of the most efficient members of the CIEC Presidium since his election.

The first action of the new CIEC President was to decorate Prof. Cristian Hera as Honorary President of CIEC. The two allies started a structural adaptation of CIEC to the modern science community and streamlined the portfolio of CIEC with regard to contents to future developments in the field of fertilization. The revitalization of CIEC went along with the election of the CIEC Presidium and appointment of the following scientists as Vice Presidents at the inaugural meeting in May 2011 in Goslar, Germany:

Prof. Zhengyi Hu (GUCAS, Beijing, China)

Prof. Francesco Montemurro (CRA-‐SSC, Metaponto, Italy) Prof. Gerold Rahmann (Thünen Institut, Trenthorst, Germany) Nils Vagstad (Bioforsk, Aas, Norway)

Prof. Markku Yli-‐Halla (Helsinki University, Finland)

In addition, Prof. Silvia Haneklaus (Julius-‐Kühn Institut, Braunschweig, Germany) and Prof. Bettina Eichler-‐Löbermann (Rostock University, Germany) were elected as secretary general and deputy secretary general, respectively.

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