2022 Nanjing (PRC) CCFEA Forum

 The 2022 CCFEA Forum, in memory of the 120th anniversary of Nanjing Agricultural University, was successfully held on May 19-21, 2022 (BeijingTime). The aim of 2022 CCFEA is to light the advances of technology and products regarding fertilizers, to students ( inparticular for undergraduates) and young scholars.The primary topics of 2022 CCFEA are as follows: 1) The critical problems facing fertilizer use in the world including the necessity of fertilizer application and the side-effects caused by excessive application; 2) How to improve the current education of fertilizer in higher education. Under the severe pandemic, we will vigorously guide college students to be involved in agriculture.
Specifically, this forum was supported by CIEC,the president of CIEC, Dr. Lanzhu Ji, gave a speech on this forum and introduced the history of CIEC earnestly. Besides, Dr. Ewald Schnug (Honorary President of CIEC) and Dr. Yuanliang Shi (Secretary General of CIEC-Asia) gave excellent lectures on this forum. 

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