Article 3

 Article 3
CIEC, as an association of scientists, scientific institutions, fertiliser industries and agricultural consulting services, is a centre for international studies and activities with the following aims:
a) to establish relations and co-operation with other organisations (national and international) and persons interested in the problems of science, technology, production, distribution and application of all types of fertilisers and fertilising materials,
b) to promote and organise international meetings like congresses, conferences, symposia and exhibitions, in particular concern of fertilisers as means for improving yield, crop quality, soil fertility and sustainable management of land use systems,
c) to study problems dealing with the utilisation of natural nutrient resources under various ecological and climatic conditions,
d) to study the effects of fertilisation and fertiliser application on the natural environment,
e) to carry out activities in the field of recycling of nutrients by waste processing, upgrading and evaluation of waste-processed fertilising materials (composts etc.),
f) to promote research on soil testing and plant analysis methods, the assessment of nutrient demand on soil, water and plants,
g) to promote methods and initiatives for calibration and control of nutrient content and formulas in fertilisers by legal measures,
h) to undertake all other kinds of activities connected with the aforementioned objectives of the Society.

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