Article 7

 Article 7
The Assembly of Members consists of all members. The Assembly of Members will determine the programme of work to be performed by the Presidium until the convening of the next Assembly of Members.
The Assembly of Members will be convened at regular intervals, at least every 4 years and in connection with a World Congress of CIEC.
An extraordinary Assembly of Members (AM) shall be convened at any time, preferable during CIEC Symposia.
The Assembly of Members elects the President and the delegates of the General Committee. All elections and appointments made by the Assembly of Members are terminated until the next AM. Re-elections and reappointments are possible. Honorary Members (including the Honorary President) and Special Meritorious Members are also elected by the Assembly of Members .
The AM will be presented with a report of the Secretary General on the activities of the Society during the past election period and a report of the representative of the Advisory Council.

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