Article 8

 Article 8
The Presidium shall carry out the tasks and resolutions assigned by the Assembly of Members or in any other way being in agreement with the statutes. The Presidium consists of:
1. The President and the Honorary President
2. The Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General
3. The five Vice Presidents
The President bears the full responsibility for all activities based on the tasks assigned to the Presidium by the General Committee.
The staff officers shall support him at their best according to the functions delegated to them by election. Due to this responsibility the President represents the Society in the public and on International conferences or in negotiations with other institutions or organisations.
The President shall direct and supervise the activities within the Presidium regarding the execution of the working programme. He shall give advice and initiatives to the staff officers.
He shall make all decisions which he deems appropriate far achieving the purpose of the Society as defined
by the statutes.
All vital questions and/or transactions of business should be discussed in Presidium meetings and decided by oral and/or postal vote. Each election within the Presidium needs a quorum of 50 % and shall be valid by simple majority of the voters.
In case that the President is not able to serve during his term of office he shall be succeeded by the Senior (a function, not age) Deputy President and in case of the Senior Deputy President becoming unable to serve by the Junior Deputy President -but in total not longer than one year. The President may delegate his authority far a limited time to another staff officer of his choice.
In case of disputes dissonance or quarrelling within the Presidium the President shall have the final decision.
The Honorary President operates as adviser and will be in permanent contact with the CIEC President, General Secretariat and Presidium Members of CIEC.
The Vice Presidents shall operate in their own responsibility but in agreement with the President.
The General Secretariat is the main office and the seat of the Society for juridical matters.
The General Secretariat shall carry out all activities in administrative affairs decided upon by the Presidium and the President. 
Together with the President of CIEC it holds a bank account which operates far all financial activities of CIEC. This account is reported to every Assembly of Members and controlled by two of the Vice Presidents nominated by the Assembly of Members.
It shall put into practice all objectives which deem appropriate far activating the purposes of the Society as defined by the Statutes.
Head of the General Secretariat is the Secretary General who is assisted by a Deputy Secretary General. Both are ordained by the President in agreement with the Assembly of Members.
The Secretary General shall compile a yearly report about the activities of the Society and the work programme until the next Assembly of Members.
The Deputy Secretary General assists the Secretary General and succeeds the Secretary General in the case of his resignation or inability to serve.

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