Article 9

 Article 9
The National CIEC Branches (NCB) are CIEC organs which shall support the tasks of the Presidium on a national base. In this function the NCB is the centre of the country members with the responsibility to inform these members on the CIEC headquarters activities and to distribute to them circulars, general announcements and other publications.
Each NCB is a collective member of the Society by obligation and nominates a delegate for election to the General Committee. The NCB may organise its structure by its own. The staff should consists at least of a Chairman of the "Branch" and a "Branch Secretary".
Both should be elected by the members of the Branch according to the Branch rules.
The heading of all CIEC letters, written by the President or representatives of his office, should be in accordance with the CIEC regulations in matters of correspondence and approved by the General
Secretariat. The same should be applied to all other CIEC documents drawn up by the national office.

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